Dry Cleaning

As previously stated on the Home page we pretty much do it all. If you think you need to get something cleaned we will do it for you. If we cannot clean your item at our shop we will let you how to at home.


We have the best seamstress in Broward County. If you have anything that needs to be repaired, altered, or patched she can do it all from scratch. Come see her Monday thru Friday from 9:30am to 1:00pm but if you miss her we have staff that can assist you with your alterations.

99¢ per pound to Wash, Dry, & Fold

At Spic 'N Span Cleaners we get the fact that life can be hectic, stressful, and flat out busy so this is why we will do your laundry for you in five minutes.  Three minutes to drop off and two minutes to pick up.  All of your laundry done in five minutes and for only 99¢ per pound.


Wedding Gown Preservation

Protect the memories of a lifetime with a professional service. If you do not properly clean and preserve your dress before it is put away, it could be at risk of discoloration or damage. Whether you hope to pass your wedding gown down to the next generation as a precious heirloom or simply keep it safe and sound for your own sentimental reasons, proper wedding dress storage is essential. Our devotion to brides and their dream dresses goes far beyond the big day itself. That is why we offer wedding dress preservation that will keep your gown in pristine condition well past your silver anniversary.

To all of the men and women in a Police uniform

At Spic 'N Span Cleaners and Alterations we appreciate all that the police men and women do day in and day out for us.  With that said we give you all half off of the cleaning and ironing of your identifiable Police uniforms every single day. Thank you for all you do or might have to do each and every time you put your uniform on.